Hathras Stampede: UP Police Clarifies Omission of 'Bhole Baba' from FIR

The Tragic Hathras Stampede

The community of Hathras was rocked by a devastating event on July 2 when a satsang, a spiritual discourse gathering, ended in a fatal stampede. It claimed the lives of 121 individuals and injured countless others. The incident has left a scar on the community, and questions have been raised about the accountability of those responsible for organizing the event.

The Role of Uttar Pradesh Police

In the aftermath of the disaster, the Uttar Pradesh Police have been under intense scrutiny. The public and media alike are seeking answers, particularly about why the self-styled preacher, known as 'Bhole Baba,' has not been named in the First Information Report (FIR) connected to the tragic incident. The police have been transparent in addressing these concerns and providing reasons for their decisions. Inspector General of Police, Aligarh range, Shalabh Mathur, has been at the forefront of these explanations.

Dev Prakash Madhukar: The Main Accused

The FIR filed by the Uttah Pradesh Police names Dev Prakash Madhukar as the primary accused in the stampede case. Madhukar was the person who sought permission for the satsang, making him accountable for the event. As the legal system operates on documented evidence and permissions, it became clear why he was directly implicated.

Why 'Bhole Baba' Was Not Named

'Bhole Baba', whose real name is Suraj Pal, has been a figure of significant interest. Many questioned why he wasn't included in the FIR, despite his prominence at the event. The police explained that Bhole Baba was not the one who secured the legal permissions for the satsang; it was done in the name of Dev Prakash Madhukar. Hence, legally, Madhukar is held accountable until further evidence suggests otherwise.

Ongoing Investigations

Ongoing Investigations

Inspector General Mathur assured the public that the investigation is far from over. Every individual involved in the organization and execution of the event is being scrutinized. If any evidence emerges that implicates Bhole Baba or any other parties, the police will take appropriate actions. Shalabh Mathur emphasized that no stone will be left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

Bhole Baba: A Background

Bhole Baba, known in spiritual circles as 'Narain Sakaar Hari' and 'Sakar Vishwa Hari Baba', has a past that draws intrigue. Originally a constable with the Uttar Pradesh Police, Suraj Pal left his position to fully immerse himself in spirituality. Known for his powerful sermons, Bhole Baba's gatherings often draw thousands of followers, particularly on Tuesdays when he holds his discourses.

Previous Legal Entanglements

The police are delving into Bhole Baba’s past records, including an earlier case registered against him at the Shahganj police station in Agra. It’s noteworthy that he was acquitted of those charges. These records can provide deeper insights into his history and any potential patterns of behavior or negligence.

Current Legal Actions

So far, the police have arrested six members of the organizing committee responsible for the ill-fated satsang. The search for Dev Prakash Madhukar continues as he remains on the run. The community, still reeling from the tragedy, watches closely as the investigation progresses, hoping for accountability and justice.

The Stampede: A Detailed Account

The Stampede: A Detailed Account

On the day of the satsang, thousands of devotees gathered to seek blessings from Bhole Baba. The event was proceeding smoothly until the moment of chaos. Devotees rushed towards Bhole Baba's vehicle, yearning for a touch of his feet or a sprinkle of blessings. This fervent dash caused many to stumble and fall, triggering a panic that spiraled into a deadly stampede. The aftermath was a scene of unimaginable horror, with bodies strewn about and cries for help piercing the air.

Community Impact and Response

The Hathras stampede has left a long-lasting effect on the community. Families mourn the loss of their loved ones, and the fear of large gatherings is palpable. Local authorities and community leaders have stepped in to offer support and counseling to those affected. The incident has also triggered a broader discourse on the need for stricter regulations and planning for large-scale religious gatherings.

The Path to Healing

For Hathras, healing will be a slow and painful process. The community is pulling together, trying to find solace in unity and spirituality. The tragedy has underscored the necessity for better crowd management practices and the accountability of event organizers. The lessons learned from this tragic incident could shape future policies to prevent another such disaster.


The Hathras stampede is a tragic reminder of the consequences of poor planning and the unchecked zeal of large gatherings. As the Uttar Pradesh Police continue their investigation, the primary focus remains on ensuring justice for the victims and their families. The community's resilience and the ongoing efforts to prevent further tragedies provide a glimmer of hope in these challenging times. The accountability and transparency displayed by the authorities so far have been crucial in maintaining public trust during this difficult period.

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