Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman Reunite in Netflix's Comedic Rom-Com 'A Family Affair'

Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman Star in Netflix's 'A Family Affair'

In a delightful turn of events, Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman are back on screen together, this time in Netflix's romantic comedy 'A Family Affair', marking twelve years since their first collaboration in 'The Paperboy'. This reunion promises to bring a fresh, lighthearted, and comedic flair as compared to their previous dramatic roles.

Plot and Characters

'A Family Affair' features Efron as an ego-centric movie star who finds himself smitten by his personal assistant, played by Joey King. The twist in the tale arrives when sparks fly between him and the assistant’s mother, portrayed by Kidman. The film unfolds as a humorous exploration of relationships and love, a concept that both Efron and Kidman found uniquely refreshing.

Chemistry and Dynamic

On set, the chemistry between Efron and Kidman is palpable. Efron, reflecting on his experiences, expressed his continued admiration for Kidman, saying that working with her brings a sense of safety and care. Kidman, in turn, lauded Efron's enthusiasm and his willingness to dive headfirst into his character. Fans of the duo from the days of 'The Paperboy' will find their dynamic continues to sizzle, albeit under a much more lighthearted and comedic lens.

Behind the Scenes

The script for 'A Family Affair', originally provocatively titled 'Motherf---er', captivated both stars with its refreshing take on relationships. Kidman especially appreciated the unique perspective offered by the screenplay. As filming progressed, an interesting behind-the-scenes anecdote emerged involving Efron's rigorous preparation for another project, 'The Iron Claw'. The demanding role required him to maintain a grueling exercise regimen, including frequent ice baths to aid recovery. Director Richard LaGravanese found these ice baths so intriguing that he decided to incorporate one into a scene with Joey King, adding an authentic touch to the film. Despite her initial curiosity, Kidman ultimately decided against joining Efron in the icy plunge.

Expectations and Reception

With its engaging storyline and the irresistible charm of Efron and Kidman, 'A Family Affair' is poised to be a standout romantic comedy. The combination of their established on-screen chemistry and the fresh, comedic approach offers something unique. Audiences can look forward to a film that, while light-hearted, promises to be both enjoyable and heartwarming.


In summary, 'A Family Affair' brings together two of Hollywood's beloved stars in a narrative that is as entertaining as it is endearing. The film is a testament to the versatility of its cast, showcasing their ability to transition seamlessly from intense drama to delightful comedy. With Efron and Kidman at its core, this Netflix rom-com is set to capture hearts and entertain viewers, highlighting that sometimes, love appears in the most unexpected places.

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