Soccer Aid 2024: Highlights and Key Moments from England's 6-3 Victory Over World XI

Soccer Aid 2024: A Night of Excitement and Generosity

In its 13th year, Soccer Aid continues to be a beacon of hope and joy, blending the world of sports with philanthropy. Hosted at the illustrious Stamford Bridge, this year's clash between the England XI and the World XI was nothing short of spectacular. The evening did not just showcase the magic of football but also highlighted the generosity of thousands, raising over £15 million for UNICEF. This brings the total amount raised by the event to over £100 million. It's clear that Soccer Aid has become much more than just a match; it's a movement driven by the spirit of giving.

Star-Studded Lineups

The team rosters read like a who's who of football legends and entertainment icons. England XI featured names that have graced the Premier League and beyond, including Joe Cole, Ashley Cole, Frank Lampard, and Ellen White. Meanwhile, the World XI boasted stars like Eden Hazard, Petr Čech, Alessandro del Piero, and the charismatic Mauricio Pochettino. Additionally, the event included celebrities from various spheres, adding a layer of excitement and unpredictability to the match.

First Half: Engaging and Energetic

The match kicked off with a flurry of energy. Joe Cole set the tone early for England with a well-placed shot, giving the home side an initial lead. However, the highlight of the first half was undoubtedly Eden Hazard's stunning free kick. Delivered with precision, Hazard's strike curled into the net, leaving the crowd in awe and leveling the score. It didn't take long for Alessandro del Piero to make his mark, putting the World XI ahead with a deft finish that showcased his enduring talent.

Not to be outdone, Ellen White equalized for England just as the clock approached the half-hour mark. The former Lioness displayed her striking prowess, sending the match into halftime with both teams neck and neck. As the players walked off the pitch, the scoreline read 2-2, promising more thrills in the second half.

Second Half: Strategy and Skill

Second Half: Strategy and Skill

The second half brought a dynamic shift, with celebrity goalkeepers stepping onto the pitch, making for unique defensive strategies. With fewer shooting opportunities given up by England, the home side capitalized on the World XI's defensive lapses. England netted four more goals, showcasing their offensive depth and strategic acumen.

Though the World XI managed to breach England's defense once more, the final score of 6-3 in favor of England XI was a testament to their relentless drive and teamwork. Steven Bartlett's performance was particularly noteworthy, earning him the Man of the Match accolade. His control and vision on the field provided England with the edge they needed to secure the win.

More Than a Game: Impact on UNICEF

Soccer Aid 2024 was much more than a display of soccer talent. The event's primary aim was to support UNICEF’s initiatives globally. This year's fundraising surpassed a staggering £15 million, bringing the overall contributions since the event’s inception to over £100 million. These funds are crucial for UNICEF’s efforts to provide basic needs like healthcare, nutrition, education, and emergency relief to children worldwide.

Moments to Remember

The match was filled with moments that will be cherished by fans. Hazard's free kick, Ellen White's equalizer, and del Piero's masterclass in finishing were just a few highlights. The crowd roared with excitement as each goal was scored, testament to the electrifying atmosphere at Stamford Bridge.

Even off the pitch, the camaraderie among players and celebrities created an inclusive and joyous environment. Photos and clips from the event flooded social media, spreading the message of hope and generosity far and wide.

Looking Ahead to Soccer Aid 2025

Looking Ahead to Soccer Aid 2025

As the final whistle blew, fans and players alike left with hearts full of pride and anticipation for next year. Soccer Aid continues to grow annually, drawing bigger crowds and generating more support for UNICEF. Given the success of this year's event, everyone is eagerly awaiting Soccer Aid 2025, hoping for another magical evening filled with football, fun, and philanthropy.


Soccer Aid 2024 was a resounding success, from the high-octane action on the pitch to the incredible generosity displayed through donations. It was a night where football legends and celebrities came together, not just to entertain, but to make a meaningful impact. As the dust settles and preparations begin for next year, one thing is certain – the spirit of Soccer Aid remains stronger than ever.

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